Tarot to heal is the next adventure we would like to introduce at Rachel’s, a unique and spiritual experience through the art of Tarots in central London. In which, you will have an opportunity to travel through your life, the past, present and future with the help of gifted Tarot reader Erika Owls.


Meeting Erika Owls

Erika’s journey with connecting to energy and the universe is a unique tale; where during a near death experience in the village of Zanzibar, caused by an electrical fault, something had spoken. This voice guided her to save her own life and she was left ever grateful and curious.
After that experience, mentors and gurus would connect and teach Erika about meditation, balancing the chakras, numerology and energy. Through practice Erika is now able to help others connect with their energy through the art of Tarot. She is a psychic intuitive reader and clairvoyant, which allows her to feel the energy of others and tell them their story - Past, present, people around them and potential future.
True emotions are revealed, and the participant is encouraged to open up to themselves in order to cleanse, reflect and blossom.
Come and join Erika as she guides you in connecting with your Higher Self, face your shadow and find your truth.

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Tarot Reading services

Tarot Reading and Guided Mediation (In person) £80/ Hour

This experience allows the client to really connect with themselves and the energy they carry. With a breathing meditation, sage energy cleanse and hot relaxing hand towels to start, the client is brought back to focusing solely on themselves and to relax. 

After brief meditation, Clients can ask questions to the universe in their mind and learn what possible energy is holding them back or bringing them to their next steps. During this time Erika will show the cards, feel the energy and explain the meanings behind them. The client will be invited to share their experiences as they unfold. Sometimes advice from the client’s guardians/angels/higher self can be felt and given through the cards. 

To finish, guidance will be given by the Oracle cards and either a chakra meditation or sage cleanse will be given to complete the experience. 

Tarot Reading (In person) £45 / 30'

This quicker experience allows the client to jump in and connect with the cards after a sage cleanse. 

Group of over 3 people £150/ 1hour 

Do you have questions for the cards but are a little nervous to go alone? 

Invite your friends/clients along for a group reading! You will be amazed at how the Energy will speak to you each individually and show your different paths. Share the laughter and intimacy as you become even closer to each other through the power of energy.

Online Tarot readings £40/ 30 minutes or £70/ hour.

Online readings can also be given, as energy can be shared wherever the client is, mainly focus on Tarot reading. 

Teaching Tarot 

Have you been bought a beautiful pack of Tarot cards and would like to learn different spreads; their meanings and channel energy to answer life questions for you and your friends? Erika has been a teacher for many years and can show you step by step all that you need to know. Learn through doing and feeling in a beautiful zen location.

*Please be aware that readings are for guidance purposes only 


Children Guided Meditation

As a teacher of 8 years around the world (DBS checked and updated), Erika come to realize that many children carry a lot of weight, stress and pressure from school, peers and general life. With a lot more technology and business it’s important for them to reconnect and really relax.
These sessions ground and centralize the child in a slow and gentle meditation; focusing on self-love, appreciation for nature and gratitude. 
Each child will leave feeling calmer, lighter and with a sense of self. It’s a fun, relaxing and grounding time with a skill to take home with them.